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Was 9-11 An Inside Job?



"911 Mysteries" a 90 minute documentary online for free at or  (Search for "911 Mysteries" in both cases)
No one can look at this documentary and come away believing the OFFICIAL conspiracy theory; plenty of network news clips from 9-11, 2001.

Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth" at -- is an organization of over 1200 Architects and Engineers who have publicly stated that the "official conspiracy theory" of 9-11 cannot be true -- that science and physics demand the conclusion that Twin Towers in New York were brought down by a controlled demolition. This organization does NOT address who did it, but only what science and physics dictate regarding what happened.

"911 Missing Links" video at marshals evidence that pro-Israeli covert forces perpetrated 9-11 against the USA, together with the history of "false flag" operation that Israel has pulled off against the USA since 1948, including the attack on the USS Liberty ship which occurred in 1967 and killed 34 US sailors and wounded 183 US sailors, -- and the Lavon Affair.

The Article: Operation 9-11: No Suicide Pilots by Carol Valentine at -- the exact address is:

More Documentation listed below this short article:

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Was 9-11 An Inside Job?


The preponderance of the Evidence Indicates that 9-11 was a "False Flag" operation, perpetrated by the dark side of Israel's Mossad along with traitorous agents within the US government favorable to Israel and, more importantly, to the International Bankster System operating around the Federal Reserve Board (FED), the International Monetary Fund, (IMF), and Goldman Sachs.

A "False Flag" operation means that it is done by one group and then blamed on another group. The preponderance of the Evidence indicates that 9-11 was done by agents of the above mentioned pro-Israeli groups, and blamed on the "Islamo-Fascists" from the Moslem world. Now, what makes this charge believable -- is that their are many in the Moslem world that would like to inflict 9-11 type damage on the USA, and much worse. However, men in caves in Afghanistan, or young Arabs who were ALLEGEDLY on the 9-11 planes (none were listed on any of the passenger lists) did NOT have the ability to make NORAD and our air defenses stand down for almost two hours -- until the 9-11 terror attacks were over.


So it is not a matter of "conspiracy theory" -- but of which conspiracy theory you believe.


The terror attacks of 9-11 were done to trick the USA into sending our soldiers to fight wars against the Arab world for the sake of the agenda of Israel and, more importantly, the banksters behind the FED and the IMF, and their hopes for establishing a world government under their control. The other purpose of the 9-11  terror attacks was to trick Americans into accepting police state measures, leading towards a police state. One of these police state measures is the full body, full color airport scans, which violate the child pornography laws. Israeli agent and citizen, Michael Chertoff, recently head of "our" HomeLand Security Department, has been the key figure pushing police state measure because of 9-11.

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More Resources:


9-11 Solved, an online book by investigative reporter Christopher Bollyn: at --


"9-11 Evil", a book by Victor Thorn which compiles shocking information which documents the pro-Israeli connections to key aspects of the actual day of 9-11-2001.


"High Priests of War" by Michael Collins Piper. This book does not address 9-11, but documents who was behind engineering the USA into the Iraq War of 2003 and the Afghanistan War, both of which are still continuing 7 years later at the time of this writing. MUST READING.


Google any books by David Ray Griffin on the subject of 9-11.





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