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The day they attempted to pull an identity theft against me and other grassroots activists

Jim Condit Jr.

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About Jim Condit Jr.


* born in 1953 in Cincinnati, Ohio

* oldest of eleven brothers and sisters

* St. Margaret of Cortona grade school, 1959-1967 (located in Madisonville near Fairfax in Cincinnati, Ohio. Grew up on the legendary Simpson Avenue, world capital of "Step Ball.")

* St. Xavier High School, 1967-1971

* Xavier University, 1971-1974 (graduated from the HAB, i.e., Honors Bachelor of Arts program, with emphasis on Latin, Greek, philosophy, history, literature); as far as we know, Jim Condit Jr. was the only person in the history of the university to graduate from the HAB program in three years.

* founder of printing business (t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.) 1974, and did "hands on" printing himself from 1974 until 1989, as well as managed the business. The business name was Shirt Scene.

* was awarded the t-shirt contracts by legendary Cincinnati sports agent Ann Smith for Cincinnati Reds stars Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez, George Foster, and Bengal quarterback Ken Anderson.  (This was right before Professional Sports became "big business." That a small start up company could today be awarded the contracts for such big Sports Stars -- is unthinkable.)

* Made t-shirts for Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Joe Morgan, Tony Perez in the "Big Red Machine" World Series Championship years of 1975 and 1976. These classic t-shirts were hand printed by Jim Condit Jr., his brothers and sisters, their friends, employees and his Grandma.

* Sold printing business in 1989 and moved into publishing, book selling, sales, and eventually online websites -- and, of course, "political wars" for the future of our country.

* Married his wife, Kathie on September 30, 1978, and together they are blessed with six children now of high school and college age, and post college age.


THE RECORD: A Track Record of Vision on Key Issues

* at age 19 was an alternate delegate to the 1972 Republican Convention in Miami, Florida which nominated President Richard Nixon and Vice President Spiro Agnew to run against Democrat George McGovern. Saw up close then Governor Ronald Reagan, CBS news anchor Walter Cronkite, literally bumped into author Theodore White (The Making of the President, 1960), and viewed up close President Richard Nixon, Vice President Spiro Agnew, and many more prominent people of that day who attended that convention. Because of information learned through attendance at that convention, voted for third party candidate, then US Congressman John Schmitz in the 1972 Presidential election.

* A week before the 1972 Republican National Convention (August 21 to 23), appeared before the Republican Platform Committee in Miami, Florida, on Monday, August 14, 1972 -- accompanied by his grandmother, Shirley Richardson, and her son, Marcus Richardson. Marcus had been born at only 19 weeks into the pregnancy at Cincinnati General Hospital. The baby, now two years old and in perfect health, was presented to the committee, along with large posters provided by Cincinnati Right to Life and Dr. John Willke, showing the baby's development in the womb, as well as the "results" of real abortions. Notorious feminist, Betty Friedan, came to Condit's presentation and told a reporter for the Miami Herald that the full color posters had been altered -- another lie in the lying and murder-promoting career of Betty Friedan. The baby, born at 19 weeks into the pregnancy, was living proof that the abortion laws then in New York and California were allowing the murder of real babies. That night, Condit appeared on the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite for about 30 seconds, thanks to the efforts of the late CBS reporter, Michele Clark, who was in her second month on the job for CBS Evening News. Clark died only 4 months later sitting next to Dorothy Hunt, controversial wife of Watergate burglar Howard Hunt, on United Airlines Flight 553, traveling from Washington D.C. to Chicago in a suspicious plane crash near Chicago. Douglas Kiker also reported on the anti-abortion testimony on NBC Evening News on that night, August 14, 1972, referring to Condit as a "19 year old boy" who says abortion is murder. The Republican Platform Committee recommended a pro-life plank for the Republican party in 1972, and it was adopted. Dr. & Mrs. Willke, leaders of the pro-life movement and authors of "Handbook on Abortion", have credited Condit with being instrumental with getting the pro-life plank into the Republican Party National Platform, where it has remained to this day. (The point of including the information on Michele Clark above is that she must have been an unusually honest and persistent national network reporter, or she never would have forwarded the Marcus Richardson story and Condit testimony to The CBS Evening News in New York City. She died under suspicious circumstances, apparently doing some real reporting about the Watergate intrigue, -- and this is an opportunity to remember her for it, in light of the sick excuses for "reporters" we see today in the national media.)

* Co-founder of Life Is For Everyone (LIFE) pro-life youth group for High School and College students in 1972 at the urging of Dr. John Willke, author of Handbook on Abortion.

* Founded Cincinnatus Political Action Committee in 1979 and ran an independent slate of candidates for Cincinnati City Council, protesting the de facto pro-abortion position of both major parties, stating publicly at that time that, in effect, that both the Democrats and Republicans were the same party operating behind two masks. This observation has proven true by 2006 on all major issues.

* Has run for office or managed campaigns 11 times between 1979 and 2006 -- always financially outgunned, but using the political process to try and alert the American people to what is really going on, as well as to lay the basis for a citizens movement to reclaim America's destiny.

* In 1981 helped spearhead a lawsuit against the Hamilton County Board of Elections because of the unverifiable computerized election process in use; in 1985 that lawsuit was won when Judge Richard Niehaus ruled that "there are no safeguards to prevent the computers from being programmed to distort the election results." The Court of Appeals overturned that decision without foundation or reason in 1987, leaving the easily-rigged computerized election system in place.

* In 1985, helped bring to public attention whistleblowers (Leonard Gates and Robert Drais) who stated with credibility, in testimony that was largely confirmed via events which followed over the next few years, that they had been used as wiretappers by unsavory groups during their employment at a major phone company, Cincinnati Bell; one of the whistleblowers, Leonard Gates, explained on a video and in a court case how he had wiretapped the computers in Hamilton County on several election nights, including 1977, 1979, and 1981; he testified that he was told the elections could be rigged through the connections he was setting up into the election computers. Under cross examination and under oath, a Board of Elections official, a Mr. Joly, conceded that if someone had the proper computer codes, he would have a 100% chance to rig the election. This story, from 1985 to 1989, eventually spawned hundreds of local print, radio and TV stories, and eventually a story on 60 Minutes, but with the computer-vote-rigging aspect never mentioned by 60 Minutes.

* In 1985, under a court order obtained by attorney James Condit Sr. from Judge Richard Niehaus, brought in the legendary, late Collier brothers (Jim & Ken, authors of Votescam: The Stealing of America) who filmed women tweezing votes from punch card ballots at the Hamilton County Board of Elections about 9:00 PM on election night. (Well-meaning ladies were told to do this all over the country by those running the absurd computerized systems using the punch-card ballots; thus, we were protesting the phenomenon of "hanging chad" 15 years before it came to national attention.)

* The Cincinnati "votescam" story in 1985 is Chapter 12 in the book, Votescam: The Stealing of America, by the late brothers, James & Kenneth Collier.

* 1989 began writing articles, one of which was published in Chronicles Magazine, entitled "A House without Doors", about vote-rigging in Dubuque County, Iowa discovered -- and proven -- by this candidate and his impromptu team on February 12, 1996, the night of the Iowa Presidential Caucus for that year.

* 1988 and 1990, was instrumental in organizing a citizens' precinct movement to reclaim the US government, starting at the county level. This strategy is still viable, is the only way to go to reclaim the nation by peaceful and constitutional means, and is explained at

* In 1990, the precinct candidates under the banner of the Platform Republicans, followed the law and, due in part to a missed date by the old-line Republicans running headquarters, actually won the legal party county convention that year, and should have taken control of Hamilton County Republican Headquarters. The courts, all the way up to the Supreme Court, simply stole that victory from our "insurgent" group, which was known as the "Platform Republicans." The Ohio Supreme Court actually stated in their decision that the Platform Republicans were right "in law and in fact" -- but gave control of party headquarters to the old-line Republicans anyway.

* In 1996, appeared on over 60 radio programs airing on over 725 outlets on middle sized and major AM and FM radio stations across the USA (including some of the largest 50,000 Watt Stations), on the subject of computerized votefraud vs. Honest Elections. These radio appearances began and caught fire after the discovery of the votefraud in Dubuque, Iowa during the 1996 Presidential Caucus; this votefraud implicated the major TV networks and their exit-polling arm, Voter News Service.

* In 1996, erected the first website devoted to honest elections vs. computerized votefraud, recognized that year by Popular Science magazine, November, 1996, page 74. The original website was, which has since become -- in 1996 this candidate founded Citizens for a Fair Vote Count.

* In August, 2000 hosted the Citizens for a Fair Vote Count Convention at the Ramada Inn at the Cincinnati Airport.

* In 2002 became the first political candidate in the USA to reach the public over 50,000 watt radio stations with the message that the 9-11 cover story was false, and that the evidence pointed to unsettling conclusions, such as that controlled demolition had been used to bring down the WTC towers in NYC, as the airplane crashes and resulting jet fuel fires were completely insufficient to do so. Today, over one hundred university professors, retired military men, and former government officials are stating the same conclusions publicly at and other prominent websites, and there is also a rapidly growing list of published books, DVDs, and CDs blowing the lid off of the phony 9-11 cover story, which is still being used to push us towards World War III in the Mideast and towards a Communist/Nazi style police state in the USA.

* In 2002, became the first candidate to predict on radio ads on major AM talk stations in the midwest that the Bush administration was going to invade Iraq, and later Iran and Syria (the latter two have not happened yet). This "amazing" prediction was done on the basis of documents from "The Project of the New American Century" (PNAC) and many other public documents and news items, many of which are now common knowledge.

* In 2006, produced the TOO HOT TO HANDLE "Arrest Chertoff" radio ad and aired it on WLS in Chicago, Illinois. The airing of this 60 second radio ad caused the Federal Election Commission, WLS AM Radio, and Disney World of Florida to join forces to get the ad taken off the air on WLS AM after it had aired only two days out of a four day purchased schedule. We think the "Reasonable Access" law was violated here, and litigation will ensue.

* This candidate urges everyone to read the strategy regarding how everyday Americans can use the precinct system (explained at & ) in order to restore honest elections (see ) and reclaim the destiny of our country, from the county level all the way up to the national level. 




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