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Introduction to Screen Shots Showing Vote Manipulation in Condit/Boehner Congressional Race on November 2, 2010 (click link on this page to see actual screen shots)


In the 8th Congressional District of Ohio on November 2, 2010 -- throughout much of the election night evening -- Constitution Party Candidate Jim Condit Jr. (me) was shown to have more than 15,000 votes (about 18% of the vote) with 55% of the precincts reporting.


---  This strong showing was reported for hours on the ABC News national website, and on the local TV stations in Cincinnati, Ohio; also ABC and NBC and MSNBC reported such a strong showing on their TV coverage nationally in the crawl at the bottom of the screen;  --  


--- UNTIL! -- at about 11:15 PM all media outlets dropped Condit Jr. to about 3,400 votes, or 2% of the vote. (!!!)


--- Then, most absurdly, the Condit vote bounced back and forth, always simultaneously on all stations and media outlets -- and was "finally" reported at 36,202 with 100% of the precincts reporting at 12:30 AM EST -- that's a FINAL VOTE COUNT. -- Then -- 20 minutes later, at 12:50 AM EST -- 32,000 votes were taken away from the Condit vote total, and added to the Democratic candidate's vote total -- for a NEW "final count" at 12:50 AM EST -- screen shots linked below.


-- AND, the next morning, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported the Condit vote total at 36,202, despite the "unexplainable" drop on all the TV station websites. So, the original final was Republican John Boehner circa 130,000 votes, Constitution Party Jim Condit Jr. 36,202, Democrat Justin Coussoule circa 29,000 votes, and Libertarian Harlan circa 5,000 votes. ---


--- in the SECOND "final count" -- 20 minutes after the FIRST "FINAL COUNT" -- all TV outlets dropped Condit Jr. 32, 000 votes, and added very close to that total to the Democratic candidate's totals. --- The reason all TV outlets did the same thing at the same time in this vote manipulation -- is that they all allow a sinister organization named "News Election Pool" (NEP) have access to their websites to upload "vote totals." Checking on Wikipedia, you will find that NEP is JOINTLY owned by ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, and AP wire.  NEP is given direct access to the election computers on election night where they can monitor and manipulate the vote. --- Almost all of our 3000+ counties delegate the election process to one of four major computer companies: Diebold, ES & S, Hart or Sequoia. These four companies "count" our elections on easily rigged, secret computer programs. No one, not even the computer professionals in each county, is allowed to see the source code for these programs. THIS IS A SCANDAL AND CRIME which makes Watergate look like a Church pie baking contest.


By Jim Condit Jr.


At the link below you will find the incredible screen shots showing vote manipulation in my race against Congressman John Boehner. I have other screen shots from earlier in the evening which will be put up at another link on this page as soon as I can arrange it. (Intro on this page continues after the below link.)


Here are the screen shots from the website of WKRC-TV, Channel 12 in Cincinnati, Ohio (a CBS affiliate) -- and from the National ABC News Website


And we also have numerous witnesses willing to offer an affidavit as to what they witnessed throughout the evening, and as to what screen shots they took to document what they witnessed.


What they witnessed was that I was shown to have 15,000 votes throughout the evening, from about 9:30 PM onwards, at which point 55% (or about 293 out of 528 precincts reporting).


My totals turned into wildly swinging vote totals from 11 PM EST until the "100% Precincts Reporting" notice was posted on all media websites at 12:30 AM EST.. My vote totals fluctuated from 15,600 -- to 4200 or so -- to 35,000 or so -- and then back down to 4200 or so.  -- These vote totals were credited to me during election night November 2, 2010 on the following sources:

-- the ABC national news website,


-- Channel 12 local news (CBS affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio) website,


-- and on air -- on regular TV -- on WLW-TV (NBC local affiliate in Cincinnati, Ohio)


This page and its links shows much of the above, except for the Channel 5 TV news coverage (often a scroll across the bottom of the screen). This TV coverage was witnessed by numerous people, some of whose affidavits will appear on this page soon..


Here's the basic summary of what happened:


A. At about 8:30 PM on election night, November 2, 2010 -- I received a message from a friend near Columbus, Ohio that ABC national news was showing me at 24% of the vote in the congressional race in the 8th District of Ohio. Congressman John Boehner had about 62% of the vote according to the reports at this time of the evening; the Democrat (Justin Coussoule) had 11%, and the Libertarian (Harlow) had about 3% of the vote. (I, again, was on the ballot as the Constitution Party candidate.


B. I was surprised, because I expected for the computers to show me at 200 or 300 votes for the whole night.


C. I immediately enlisted a few reliable researchers (also friends) to start taking screen shots and watching TV so we could have some evidence that I was being shown as getting a healthy percentage of the vote. I told all of them that, if past history was any guide, I would be dropped to 2% of the vote by the end of the evening -- and that's what the people the next day would see, and any future researchers into this election would see. (See explanation below of the dynamics involved in suppressing the votes of "politically incorrect" candidates since the 1970s.)


D. All night, ABC national news website showed me either ahead of the Democrat of a little bit behind him. From about 9:30 PM to 11:15 PM -- I was shown to have 15,661 votes, with 55% of the precincts reporting. Logically, then -- I would have about 30,000 votes. And ABC national news website -- and the local Channel 12 WKRC TV website -- did show me with 35,000 votes right before all sources dropped me to about 4000 votes at about 11:30 PM.


(The screen shots I did not yet have time to scan and put up show the following: at 10:29 PM, a screen shot from local Channel 12 (WKRC TV in Cincinnati, the CBS affiliate -- showing my vote count at 15,661 at 13%; and another screen shot at 10:14 PM from the national ABC News website, showing the same results; the reason both show the same, even thought they are from different networks, is because ALL the TV Networks get their results from AP Wire and a company they jointly own, formerly Voter News Service, VNS -- now renamed News Election Pool, NEP. By the way, AP wire jointly owns NEP with ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and FOX. Doubters can check here, among other places:


Yes, the feigned competition between the Big TV networks to call the "winner" -- is and always has been a total hoax. See "A House without Doors" here: --


When you open the below word document below, you may have to click on each page to have the screen shot on that page appear.


-- The 1st page shows 79% of the precincts reporting, and I am shown with 2,860 votes, which would be 2% of the votes. If you get a magnifying glass out, you can see in the lower right hand corner that the time was 11:06 PM.


-- The 2nd page shows 99% of the precincts reporting, and I am shown with 35,579, which would be 17% of the vote; the time in the lower right hand corner shows 11:29 PM.


-- The 3rd page shows the same totals with the 99% of the precincts reporting, but the time is 11:37 PM. Both pages 2 and 3 show the Democrat, Mr. Coussoule, was at 29,485 votes, which is 17% of the vote; and the Libertarian with 4,827 votes, or 2% of the vote. The incumbent, Congressman John Boehner, at this point is shown at 133,976, which would be 66% of the vote.


-- Page 4 has two screen shots, one at 12:20 AM on November 3, 2010 (still election night) showing 100% of the precincts reporting, and with me (Jim Condit Jr.) at 36,202 votes, or 18% of the vote; the SECOND screen shot was taken at 1:06 AM, and my vote total had by then "dropped" to 3,494, or 2% of the vote. By the way, in this "final" I was now in last place, behind the Libertarian, who remained at about 4,500 votes, where he had been all night. It appears on this last screen shot that 32,708 were taken from my vote totals -- and added to the Democrat's vote totals. (And, I guess to not look too suspicious, 53 additional votes were added to the Democrat's total, in addition to the 32,708 taken from my total votes.) Even my greatest opponents have to admit that this is a bit amazing to see, with screen shot proofs and all.


-- Page 5 is a screen shot at 12:29 AM showing me with the 36,202 vote totals, and . . .


-- Page 6 is a screen shot at 12:51 AM, showing me with the 3,494 vote total.


Here are the screen shots that show what happened near the end of the evening, right before and as they reported "100% of the precincts reporting."


Here are the screen shots from the website of WKRC-TV, Channel 12 in Cincinnati, Ohio (a CBS affiliate) -- and from the National ABC News Website


. . . more to come, but I stayed up all night on election night (November 2-3, 2010) because I thought this needed to go up immediately.


Here's how it works:


1. The local Democrat and Republican Parties step out of the way and delegate the "counting" to one of four anti-American "New World Order" tyranny companies, either Diebold, ES &S, Hart, or Sequoia.


2. The local Boards of Election then allow the elections to be conducted in a criminal manner, that is, secret vote counts conducted by secret computer programs, with police power used to prevent the citizens from seeing or counting their own ballots on election day. All 49 states, and half of the counties in New Hampshire, allow these criminal election procedures, in blatant violation of two US Supreme Court decisions, US v Mosley (1964) and Reynolds v Sims (1915). And US v. Wesberry, which says without the right to vote and the enforcement that our vote is counted accurately and honestly -- all other rights are purely illusory.  See the youtube video, "South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul" -- and the HBO documentary, Hacking Democracy, or this article by computer votefraud investigator, Dan Gutenkauf:


3. AP Wire (a Rothschild company), FOX News, and all the other TV Networks are given access directly into the computers counting the votes DURING THE ELECTION COUNT. See Christopher Bollyn's eye witness report from Cook County in 2004:


4. Anti-Americans "make war by way of deception" upon the USA by monitoring the elections in real time -- and simply altering the the results when they don't like them. The preponderance of the evidence shows that these illegal monitors and manipulators of our elections are from the dark side of the MOSSAD (Israel's CIA) and the dark side of our own CIA.


5Citizens can't get at the ballots for 21 days or so IF a recount is ever conducted. -- plenty of time for the hired computer companies to switch the paper ballots to make the computer results "come true."


6. This alteration and apparent suppression of my votes in the election of November 2, 2010 -- has happened thousands of times since the age of computer "vote-counts" began circa 1973. -- Or what do the media outlets who published this information wish to offer as an explanation? We will publish open letters to these media outlets (and send these letters to them by certified mail), and publish their explanations, if any, on, this website.


7. One other observation: Constitution Party candidate for Attorney General Robert Owens, despite endorsement by the Ohio statewide Tea Party -- only was give 3% of the vote. Why would that be? Because if Owens was given 5% or more of the vote (which I believe he certainly received) -- the the Constitution Party would have automatic ballot position for 2012 -- something the evil Ruling Elite behind the National Democratic and Republican parties do NOT want.


It may be helpful for many to view this 10 minute youtube: "South Carolina, Super Tuesday, and Ron Paul."


That's all for now.







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