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The 2010 Strategy to defeat  the symbol of Republican compromise, Congressman John Boehner, and fire a "shot heard 'round the world" against secretly counted, easily rigged, computerized elections

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The day they attempted to pull an identity theft against me and other grassroots activists

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Send Them A Message!


The only action that the voters of the 8th district of Ohio can take in the 2010 election that will make a difference, be noticed and remembered -- is to support our Campaign strategy to "Send Them A Message" through the Ohio 8th District Congressional race.


1. First of all, Jim Condit Jr.'s opponent is Congressman John Boehner, Speaker of the House under W. Bush, and minority leader of the Republicans under Barack Obama. While not the worst Congressman by any means, Boehner has become the very symbol of Republican compromise at the key moments when middle class America had expected the GOP leaders to stand up for them against the Democrats. He voted for the bail out, for instance, after falling for Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's quivering-lip act. A list of Boehner's "10 worst votes"  has been compiled by Human Events.


A strong challenge to this symbol of establishment and business-as-usual Republican politics would send shock waves to Washington D.C. and New York City -- as an indicator that the "natives are wrestless" and may be getting out of control. This should put a brake the economic collapse that is now being engineered against the people of the USA.


2. For several decades now, our ballots have been counted behind closed doors on secret computer programs, provided largely by only four mega-companies. These mega-companies did not steal the authority to process our votes on secret computer programs -- this authority was delegated to them by the Republicans and Democrats in charge at the COUNTY level -- in about 99% of the 3141 or so counties in the USA.


The strategy of the Jim Condit Jr. for Congress 2010 campaign for the 8th district of Ohio is to ask the voters to request mail in ballots, receive them at their home, vote, copy their ballots, and give the copy, signed by each voter, to the Condit Jr. Campaign. This way, there would be some chance to double check he easily rigged computer counts. That way, after election day in November 2010 -- the Condit campaign would announce how many votes they had in hand. This would keep those running the secret computer counts somewhat honest.


In a non-presidential year, such as 2010, it takes about 150,000 votes to win the Congressional seat in the 8th District. If that number, or anywhere near that number, -- or even 1/3rd of that number, were garnered for the Jim Condit Jr. for Congress campaign -- it would sent a shock wave around the world on two counts: the American people, as represented by the 8th District voters, are fed up with secret computer counts, and are fed up by compromising politicians like John Boehner, even if they vote right most of the time, as Boehner does.


3. To accomplish the above strategy, it would take about 7500 volunteers from anywhere in the nation who would come into Ohio District 8 at the beginning of October 2010 to help 20 people each order a mail-in-ballot, and to return two weeks later to remidn their 20 voters to vote for Jim Condit Jr., and to make a copy of their ballot before they mail it back into the Board of Elections.


4. If the video "Even Stranger Secrets", goes viral, then 50,000 people donating only $5 each could provide enough money for Condit to put on radio ads that would shake up not only the midwest, but the nation. Reaching 50,000 people on the internet could happen potentially in one 24 hour period. Something like this is going to have to happen if the American people are going to be rallied to draw a line in the sand against the enemies of our country in New York City and Washington DC, who are impoverishing our country with a kind of financial terrorism.








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